Table of Contents

Quantification of small non coding RNAs may allow accurate comparisons of MiRNA expression profiles from plant specimens / Letizia Da Sacco ... [et al.].
Host small RNAs and plant innate immunity / Shang Gao and Hailing Jin.
Antisense transcription associated with microRNA target mRNAs / Christopher D. Rock, Qing-Jun Luo, and Fangqian Ou-Yang.
Post-transcriptional modifications of plant small RNAs / H. Alexander Ebhardt.
Non coding RNAs and gene silencing in grape / Andrea Carra ... [et al.].
Genome-wide analysis of RNA degradation in Arabidopsis / Yukio Kurihara and Motoaki Seki.
Small RNA inheritance in hybrids and allopolyploids / Jie Lu and Z. Jeffrey Chen.
Phased small RNAs in rice / Lewis Bowman ... [et al.].
Small RNA in legumes / Ghazanfar Abbas Khan ... et al.].
Physcomitrella patens amall RNA pathways / Muhammad Asif Arif ... [et al.].
Small RNA pathways and their function in the male gametophyte / Hugh Dickinson and Robert Grant-Downton.
Regulatory roles of novel small RNAs from pseudogenes / Xingyi Guo and Deyou Zheng.
Polyadenylation in RNA degradation processes in plants / Heike Lange and Dominique Gagliardi.
Viroids and RNA trafficking in plants / Ziaorui Yang, Yuan Tian, and Biao Ding.
Mechanisms linking cytosine metylation to histone modification in Arabidopsis thaliana / Kyohei Arita ... [et al.].
Biogenesis of plant MicroRNAs / Julieta L. Mateos, Nicolás G. Bologna and Javier F. Palatnik.
MicroRNAs in plant roots / Yijun Meng, Ping Wu, and Ming Chen.
Computational identification of MicroRNAs and their targets in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) / Zhu Benzhong.
MicroRNAs in cotton / Guiling Sun, Qinglian Wang, and Baohong Zhang.
Nutrient-responsive plant microRNAs / Wolf-Rüdiger Scheible ... [et al.].
MicroRNA function in seed biology / Wioletta E. Pluskota ... [et al.].
Effects of virus infection on transcriptional activity of miR164a in plants / Ariel A. Bazzini and Sebastian Asurmendi.
Populus short RNAs / Nathaniel Robert Street.
The Arabidopsis thaliana double-stranded RNA binding (DRB) domain protein family / Andrew L. Eamens, Shaun J. Curtin, and Peter M. Waterhouse.
Mutagenesis by transitive RNAi / Katherine A. Petsch ... [et al.].
Pol IV-dependent siRNAs in plants / Rebecca A. Mosher.
RNAi-mediated protection against Citrus tristeza virus in transgenic Citrus plants / Nuria Soler .. [et al.].
SMall RNAs for crop improvement / Carol Auer.
Biogenesis and function of virus-derived small interfering RNAs in plants / Zhixin Xie.