Table of Contents

Nietzsche and the pathos of distance / Rosalyn Diprose.
Nietzsche, woman and political theory / Keith Ansell-Pearson.
Nietzsche and the stomach for knowledge / Elizabeth Grosz.
Not drowning, sailing: women and the artist's craft in Nietzsche / Cathryn Vasseleu.
'Speaking of immemorial waters': Irigaray with Nietzsche / Frances Oppel.
Das Weib an sich: the slave revolt in epistemology / Daniel W. Conway.
Ressentiment and power: some reflections on feminist practices / Marion Tapper.
Politics and the concept of power in Hobbes and Nietzsche / Paul Patton.
'Is it not remarkable that Nietzsche ... should have hated Rousseau?': woman, femininity: distancing Nietzsche from Rousseau / Penelope Deutscher.
The return of Nietzsche and Marx / Howard Caygill.
Child of the English genealogists: Nietzsche's affiliation with the critical historical mode of the Enlightenment / Paul Redding.
The postmodern politicization of Nietzsche / Ted Sadler.