Table of Contents

Pt. I. Environmental and Cultural Setting. 1. Borderlands of the Southern Columbia Plateau-Northern Great Basin: A Theoretical Context. 2. The Newberry Volcano Research Context. 3. Environmental Setting.
Pt. II. Context of Investigations. 4. Site Testing and Field Methods. 5. Newberry Crater Soils and Stratigraphy / Dorothy E. Freidel.
Pt. III. Data Recovery Excavations. 6. The Hot Springs Boat Ramp Site (35DS219) / Thomas J. Connolly, William L. Cornett and Richard D. Cheatham. 7. The Saddle Workshop Site (35DS220) / Thomas J. Connolly and Richard D. Cheatham. 8. The Ashflow Boundary Site (35DS486) / Thomas J. Connolly, Richard D. Cheatham and William L. Cornett. 9. The Paulina Lake Site (35DS34) / Thomas J. Connolly and Dennis L. Jenkins.
Pt. IV. Specialized Analyses. 10. Newberry Crater Debitage Analysis / R. Scott Byram, Thomas J. Connolly and Robert R. Musil. 11. Geochemical Characterization of Newberry Caldera Obsidian Flows / Thomas J. Connolly and Richard E. Hughes. 12. Obsidian Source Analysis. 13. Distribution of Newberry Caldera Obsidians / Richard E. Hughes and Thomas J. Connolly. 14. Obsidian Hydration Analysis / Thomas J. Connolly and R. Scott Byram. 15. Macrobotanical Analysis / Nancy A. Stenholm. 16. Pollen and Phytolith Analysis / Linda Scott Cummings. 17. Faunal Remains from the Paulina Lake Site / Vivien J. Singer and Guy L. Tasa. 18. Blood Residue Analysis / Shirley Barr Williams and John L. Fagan.
Pt. V. Project Summary and Interpretation. 19. Summary and Discussion. Newberry Crater Soil Profile Descriptions / Dorothy E. Freidel.
Trace Element Concentrations of Obsidian Artifacts / Richard E. Hughes.