Table of Contents

pt. I. When the older person is healthy and independent. Prevention of frailty / David M. Buchner.
Prevention of disease / James T. Pacala. pt. II. When the older person is chronically ill or at risk. Care of older people with chronic illness / Edward H. Wagner.
Care of older people at risk / Chad Boult and James T. Pacala. pt. III. When the older person is acutely ill. Care of acute illness in the home / Bruce Leff and John R. Burton.
Older patients in the emergency department / Chris J. Michalakes ... [et al.].
Care of older people in the hospital / Evan Calkins and Bruce J. Naughton.
Subacute care / Thomas von Sternberg, Karen Connors, and Evan Calkins.
Rehabilitation / Andrew M. Kramer.
Care of older people who are dying / Robert M. McCann. pt. IV. When the older person is disabled. Overview of community-based long-term care / Amasa B. Ford.
Outcomes and costs of home and community-based long-term care: implications for research-based practice / William G. Weissert and Susan C. Hedrick.
Comprehensive care of older people with Alzheimer's disease / Deirdre Johnston and Burton V. Reifler.
Long-term care in the nursing home / John F. Schnelle and David B. Reuben. pt. V. Concluding observations. Integrating quality assurance across sites of geriatric care / Eric A. Coleman and Richard W. Besdine.
Integrating care / Chad Boult and James T. Pacala.
The role of the older person in managing illness / Michael Von Korff and Edward H. Wagner.
Medicare and managed care / Harold S. Luft.
Necessary changes in the infrastructure of health systems / George Halvorson.