Table of Contents

Chapt. 1. Nicolas Copernicus and his revolution.
Chapt. 2. The Talmudic view of the universe.
Chapt. 3. David Gans and the first mention of Copernicus in Hebrew literature.
Chapt. 4. The first Jewish Copernican: Rabbi Joseph Solomon Delmedigo.
Chapt. 5. Copernicus is the son of Satan: the first Jewish rejections of Copernicus.
Chapt. 6. David Nieto and Copernicanism in London.
Chapt. 7. The Jewish encyclopedias.
Chapt. 8. The eighteenth century: Jews and Copernicus in the Newtonian era.
Chapt. 10. The nineteenth century: Copernicus without hesitation.
Chapt. 11. Let Copernicus and a thousand like him be removed from the world: Reuven Landau's rejection.
Chapt. 12. The modern period.
Chapt. 13. Relativity and contemporary Jewish geocentrists.
Chapt. 14. Conclusions. Jeremy Brown offers a study of the Jewish reception of the Copernican revolution, examining 400 years of Jewish writings on the Copernican model. Brown shows the ways in which Jews ignored, rejected, or accepted the Copernican model, and the theological and societal underpinnings of their choices.