Table of Contents

Front Matter.
Colour Plates.
Imaging Techniques. PET and SPECT / Susan E Rushing, Daniel A Pryma, Daniel D Langleben.
MRI and Functional MRI / Erin D Bigler, Mark Allen, Gary K Stimac.
Clinical and Research Findings. Traumatic Brain Injury / Robert P Granacher.
Dementia / Melissa Lamar, Hal Wortzel, David J Libon, Denene M Wambach, Catherine C Price, Anand Kumar.
Neuroimaging in Psychopathy and Antisocial Personality Disorder: Functional Significance and a Neurodevelopmental Hypothesis / Andrea L Glenn, Yaling Yang, Adrian Raine.
Pedophilia / Christine Wiebking, Alexander Sartorius, Harald Dressing, Georg Northoff.
Imaging Psychoses: Diagnosis and Prediction of Violence / Jazmin Camchong, Angus W MacDonald.
Neuroimaging in Affective Disorders: Applications in Clinical Research and Forensic Psychiatry / Jonathan B Savitz, Joseph R Simpson, Wayne C Drevets.
Neuroimaging in the Courts. Application of Neuroimaging in Relationship to Competence to Stand Trial and Insanity / Nathan J Kolla, Jonathan D Brodie.
Neuroimaging, Diminished Capacity and Mitigation / Judith G Edersheim, Rebecca Weintraub Brendel, Bruce H Price.
Implications of Neuroimaging for Dangerousness Assessment / Joachim Witzel.
Potential Uses of Neuroimaging in Personal Injury Civil Cases / Robert P Granacher.
Emerging Areas. Brain Imaging of Deception / Daniel D Langleben, Dan F X Willard, Jane C Moriarty.
Identifying Memories and their Use in Interrogations / Johanna C van Hooff.
Legal and Ethical Considerations. Practical Legal Concerns / Kristen M Nugent.
Neuroimaging and the Constitution / Kristen M Nugent.
Practical Legal Concerns: The England and Wales Context / Shuja M Reagu, Pamela J Taylor.
Neuroethics of Functional Neuroimaging in the Courtroom / Elizabeth Ford, Neil Aggarwal.
Neuroimaging Evidence in Law: A Plea for Modesty and Relevance / Stephen J Morse.