Table of Contents

Introduction; Contributors; Chapter One. Neuroimaging of Normal Speech Production; Chapter Two. Neuroimaging Contributions to Developmental Stuttering Theory and Treatment; Chapter Three. Brain Imaging of Voice, Swallow, and Other Upper Airway Functions; Chapter Four. The Neural Substrates of Apraxia of Speech as Uncovered by Brain Imaging: A Critical Review; Chapter Five. Has Imaging Advanced the Science in Aphasiology? A Critical Review of Neuroimaging Research in Acquired Adult Language Disorders; Chapter Six. Auditory Neuroscience: Clinical Trends Relative to Audiology; Index The rate of development in neuroimaging is so rapid that it is almost impossible to predict very far into the future in trying to understand this influence. The availability of technologies that make it possible to investigate, even in real time, the neural regions and systems that are functionally related disorders is having a transforming impact on the discipline. This book presents findings by some of the principal researchers in the field and who are working at the cutting-edge in applying neuroimaging to communication disorders.