Table of Contents

Front matter.
Diagnosis of Brain Tumors: Clinical and Radiographic / Isabel C. Arrillaga-Romany, Eudocia Quant Lee and Patrick Y. Wen.
Epidemiology and Etiology / Melissa L. Bondy, Yanhong Liu and Michael E. Scheurer.
General Aspects of Surgery / Robert G. Louis, Brian J. Williams and Mark E. Shaffrey.
General Approach to Radiation Oncology / Jennifer S. Yu and Daphne A. Haas-Kogan.
General Aspects of Chemotherapy Including "Biologic Agents" / Jethro Hu and Santosh Kesari.
Malignant Gliomas in Adulthood / Michael Ivan, Matthew Tate and Jennifer L. Clarke.
Low Grade Gliomas and Oligodendrogliomas in Adulthood / Derek R. Johnson and Kurt A. Jaeckle.
Ependymomas / Kanwal P. S. Raghav and Mark R. Gilbert.
Germ Cell Tumors and Other Pineal Region Tumors / Geneviève Legault and Jeffrey C. Allen.
Sellar Tumors: Pituitary Adenomas and Craniopharyngiomas / Robert G. Louis, Robert Dallapiazza and John A. Jane Jr.
Meningiomas / Jeffrey Raizer and Wendy J. Sherman Sojka.
Primary Central Nervous System Lymphomas / Jerome J. Graber and Antonio M. P. Omuro.
Intradural Spinal Cord Tumors / Ben Shofty, Akiva Korn, Zvi Lidar and Shlomi Constantini.
Gliomas in Childhood / Bruce H. Cohen.
Embryonal Tumors / Roger J. Packer.
Infantile Brain Tumors / Alyssa T. Reddy.
Intracranial Metastases / Mary R. Welch and Thomas J. Kaley.
Spinal Cord Compression / Melike Mut.
Leptomeningeal Metastases / Sean Grimm and Marc Chamberlain.
Immune-Mediated Paraneoplastic Neurologic Disorders: An Overview / Myrna R. Rosenfeld and Josep Dalmau.
Neurotoxicity of Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy / Eudocia Quant Lee.