Table of Contents

Pathology and molecular genetics of common bile tumors.
Recent advances in epidemiology of brain tumors.
Clinical features of brain tumors.
Advanced imaging of adult brain tumors with MRI and PET.
Malignant gliomas in adults.
Low grade astrocytomas.
Pediatric neuro-oncology.
Primary CNS lymphoma.
Management of intramedullary spinal cord tumors.
Extraaxial brain tumors.
Medical complications in the management of brain tumors.
Brain metastases.
Spinal metastases.
Neoplastic meningitis.
Neurotoxicity of chemotherapy.
Neurological complications of radiation therapy.
Paraneoplastic disorders.
Neurological complications of bone marrow and organ transplantation. Neuro-Oncology-a new title in the Blue Books of Practical Neurology series-is a concise and clinically applicable guide to this dynamic subspecialty. Jeremy Rees, PhD, MRCP and Patrick Y. Wen, MD present the most current information on the treatment and management of primary CNS tumors, secondary brain tumors, and the neurological complications of other cancers and their therapies in a format and scope appealing to both the general neurologist and the subspecialist. Access comprehensive coverage of treatment for adult and pediatric conditions-including tumors of the spinal cord as well as the brain. Find coverage of recent advances easily thanks to the emphasis on the latest clinical and laboratory findings and their implications for clinical management and treatment. Apply the possibilities and outcomes of neuro-oncologic surgery within the context of neurologic practice. Address the neurologic complications of cancer and its treatment as well as of primary and secondary tumors. Tap into the global perspectives of experts from all around the world for a multi-disciplinary approach to practice.