Table of Contents

Part 1. Introduction. Epidemiology / Louise Thwaites, Karen Walker-Bone ; History taking / Peter A Huijbregts ; Physical examination / Shane Koppenhaver, Timothy Flynn ; Imaging studies / Hilmir Agustsson ; Electrodiagnostic studies / Caroline A Quartly ; Myofascial trigger points / Jozef L M Franssen, Carel Bron, Jan Dommerholt.
Part 2. Cervical-thoracic spine. Mechanical neck pain / Bryan S Dennison, Michael H Leal ; Whiplash associated disorders / Michele Sterling ; Cervical myelopathy and radiculopathy / Chad E Cook, Amy E Cook ; Thoracic outlet syndrome / Susan W Stralka ; Thoracic spine manipulation / William Egan, Paul Glynn, Joshua A Cleland ; Cervical spine mobilization and manipulation / John R Krauss, Douglas S Creighton ; Therapeutic exercise for mechanical neck pain ; Carol Kennedy.
Part 3. The shoulder region. Acromio-clavicular joint / Janette W Powell, Ian Shrier, Peter A Huijbregts ; Sterno-clavicular joint / Erland Pettman ; Rotator cuff lesions: shoulder impingement / Peter A Huijbregts, Carel Bron ; Gleno-humeral instability / Steven C Allen, Russell S VanderWilde, Peter Huijbregts ; Superior labrum anterior-to-posterior (SLAP) lesions / Janette W Powell, Peter A Huijbregts ; Frozen shoulder / Carel Bron, Arthur de Gast, Jozef L M Franssen ; Mobilization with movement of the shoulder joint / Wayne Hing, Jack Miller ; Motor control of the shoulder region / Mary E Magarey, Mark A Jones ; Therapeutic exercises for the shoulder region / Johnson McEvoy, Kieran O'Sullivan, Carel Bron.
Part 4. The elbow region. Elbow tendinopathy: lateral epicondylalgia / Bill Vicenzino ; Other elbow disorders: elbow instability arthritic conditions / Chris Sebelski ; Joint mobilization and manipulation of the elbow / Helen Slater, Cesar Fernandez de las Penas.
Part 5. The wrist and hand regions. Tendinopathies of the wrist and hand / C Joseph Yelvington, Ellen J Pong ; Wrist instability / Ellen J Pong ; Carpal tunnel syndrome ; Luca Padua, Costanza Pazzaglia, Ana Isabel-de-la-Llave-Rincon ; Nerve compression syndromes of the forearm / Joy C MacDermid, David M Walton ; Joint mobilization and manipulation / Peter A Huijbregts, Freddy M Kaltenborn, Traudi B Kaltenborn ; Finger and thumb pathology / Joy C MacDermid, Ruby Grewal, Jane Freure.
Part 6. Muscle referred pain. Referred pain from muscle/myofascial trigger points / Cesar Fernandez de las Penas, Hong-You Ge, Lars Arendt-Nielsen, Jan Dommerholt, David G Simons ; Manual treatment of myofascial trigger points / Cesar Fernandez de las Penas, Hong-You Ge, Jan Dommerholt ; Dry needling of trigger points / Jan Dommerholt ; Muscle energy approaches / Gary Fryer ; Myofascial induction approaches / Andrzej Pilat.
Part 7. Neurodynamics of the upper quadrant. Peripheral mechanisms of chronic arm pain / Jane Greening, Andrew Dilley ; Clinical interventions and physiological effects / Paul Mintken, Emilio Puentedura, Adriaan Louw. The first of its kind, Neck and Arm Pain Syndromes is a comprehensive evidence- and clinical-based book, covering research-based diagnosis, prognosis and management of neuromusculoskeletal pathologies and dysfunctions of the upper quadrant, including joint, muscle, myofascial and neural tissue approaches. It uniquely addresses the expanding role of the various health care professions which require increased knowledge and skills in screening for contra-indications and recognizing the need for medical-surgical referral. Neck and Arm Pain Syndromes also stresses the integration of experiential knowledge and a pathophysiologic rationale with current best evidence. the only one-stop guide for examination and treatment of the upper quadrant supported by accurate scientific and clinical-based data acknowledges the expanding direct access role of the various health professions both at the entry-level and postgraduate level addresses concerns among clinicians that research is overemphasized at the expense of experiential knowledge and pathophysiologic rationale multiple-contributed by expert clinicians and researchers with an international outlook covers diagnosis, prognosis and conservative treatment of the most commonly seen pain syndromes in clinical practice over 800 illustrations demonstrating examination procedures and techniques.