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NATIONAL CAPITALISMS, GLOBAL COMPETITION, AND ECONOMIC PERFORMANCE; Editorial page; Title dage; LCC data; Table of Contents; List of Contributors; Acknowledgement; Preface; PART I: Introduction; Chapter 1. National Capitalisms, Global Competition and Economic Performance: An Introduction; PART II: Changing Business Environments and National Patterns of Organisational Innovation and Adaptation; Chapter 2. Institutions, Sector Specialisation and Economic Performance Outcomes; Chapter 3. Performance Standards in Supplier Relations. Why are some firms successful on global markets whilst others are not? In this collection of papers, a group of distinguished international researchers examine the inter-relationship between national context, firm performance and global competitiveness. In a series of empirical studies covering major industries (such as banking, telecommunications, construction, automobiles, and airlines) in a number of European countries (Great Britain, France, Germany, Holland, Finland, Slovenia), the studies show how distinctive patterns of firm competences and capabilities arise from national contexts. The.