Table of Contents

Conceptualization of narrative absorption. Beyond metaphors and traditions: Exploring the conceptual boundaries of narrative engagement / Helena Bilandzic and Rick Busselle.
Towards a new understanding of absorbing reading experiences / Moniek M. Kuijpers, Frank Hakemulder, Katalin Balint, Miruna Doicaru and Ed Tan.
Narrative persuasion: Effects of transporting stories on attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors / Kaitlin S. Fitzgerald and Melanie C. Green.
Immersion into narrative and poetic worlds: A neurocognitive poetics perspective / Arthur M. Jacobs and Jana Lüdtke.
Into film: Does absorption in a movie's story world pose a paradox? / Ed Tan, Miruna M. Doicaru, Frank Hakemulder, Katalin Balint and Moniek M. Kuijpers.
Spellbound in darkness: Narrative absorption discussed by film theory / Frank Kessler.
Antecedents of identification: Character, text, and audiences / Jonathan Cohen and Nurit Tal-Or.
Empirical studies on narrative absorption. Identifying with in-game characters: Exploring player articulations of identification and presence / Jasper van Vught and Gareth Schott.
The effect of suspense structure on felt suspense and narrative absorption in literature and film / Katalin Bálint, Moniek M. Kuijpers and Miruna M. Doicaru.
Elaboration, emotion, and transportation: Implications for conceptual analysis and textual features / Peter Dixon and Marisa Bortolussi.
Forms of absorption that facilitate the aesthetic and explanatory effects of literary reading / Don Kuiken and Shawn Douglas.
Outcomes of narrative absorption. Absorption and meaningfulness: Examining the relationship between eudaimonic media use and engagement / Mary Beth Oliver, Arienne Ferchaud, Chun Yang, Yan Huang and Erica Bailey.
The role of absorption processes in narrative health communication / Anneke de Graaf and Lonneke van Leeuwen.
Absorption in narrative fiction and its possible impact on social abilities / Navona Calarco, Katrina Fong, Marina Rain and Raymond A. Mar.