Table of Contents

Fundamentals. Intermolecular interactions / Willem Norde.
Supramolecular structures / Pieter Stroeve.
Basic applications. Nanotechnology in food production / Remko M. Boom.
Packaging / Frans W.H. Kampers.
Using nanoparticles in agricultural and food diagnostics / Geertruida A. Posthuma-Trumpie and Aart van Amerongen.
Food applications. Nano-functionalized techniques in crop and livestock production: improving food productivity, traceability, and safety / Niall O'Brien and Enda Cummins.
Nanotechnologies for improving food quality, safety, and security / Douglas K.R. Robinson and Mark Morrison.
Food functionality and the physics of bionanotechnology: some examples and challenges / Erik van der Linden.
Products and their commercialization / Betty Bugusu, Ursula Vanesa Lay Ma, and John D. Floros.
Nanotechnology and society. Toxicology of nanomaterials in food / Bernadene A. Magnuson and Hans Bouwmeester.
Nanomaterials in food and food contact materials-potential implications for consumer safety and regulatory controls / Qasim Chaudhry, Laurence Castle, and Richard Watkins.
Environmental considerations of and societal reactions to nanotechnology in the food sector / Michael Siegrist, Bernd Nowack, and Hans Kastenholz.
Nanotechnology and food allergy / E.N. Clare Mills, Yuri Aleexev, and Alan R. Mackie.
Communication of risks and benefits of nanotechnology: the issue of societal acceptance of emerging technologies / Lynn J. Frewer, Arnout R.H. Fischer, and J. (Hans) C.M. van Trijp.
Public engagement with emerging issues in agri-food nanotechnology / Lynn J. Frewer, Arnout R.H. Fischer, and Gene Rowe.
Nano-ethics / Roger Strand.
Evolving best practice in governance policy-developing consumer confidence in risk analysis applied to emerging technologies / Hans J.P. Marvin ... [et al.].