Table of Contents

Machine generated contents note: pt. I. Nanoscale Processes in Cells.
Structure and Biology of the Cellular Environment: The Extracellular Matrix / Michael Cho.
pt. II Synthesis and Characterization Approaches.
Synthesis and Patterning Methods for Nanostructures Useful for Biological Applications / Sungho Jin.
Characterization of Nanoscale Biological Systems: Multimodal Atomic Force Microscopy for Nanoimaging, Nanomechanics, and Biomolecular Interactions / Ratnesh Lal.
pt. III Nanobiotechnology: Biologically Inspired Nanoengineering and Their Applications.
Molecular Motors and Machines / Alberto Credi.
Micro and Nano Engineered Extracellular Matrices / Tejal A. Desai.
Designer Self-Assembling Peptide Nanofiber Scaffolds / Akihiro Horii.
pt. IV Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology for Diagnosis and Treatment.
Quantum Dot Imaging of Neural Cells and Tissue / Sujata Sundara Rajan.
Quantum Dot Methods for Cellular Neuroimaging / Gabriel A. Silva.
Carbon Nanotubes as Electrical Interfaces to Neurons / Stephane Campidelli.
Carbon Nanotubes as Modulators of Neuronal Growth / Vladimir Parpura.