Table of Contents

section 1. Nano-biomechanics. Measurement integrated simulation to provide accurate information of blood flows / Toshiyuki Hayase, Kenichi Funamoto. Microelastic mapping by AFM of endothelial cells exposed to shear stress / Masaaki Sato ... [et al.]. Inner ear biomechanics / Hiroshi Wada ... [et al.]. Computational biomechanics for investigating cardiovascular diseases / Takami Yamaguchi ... [et al.]. Change in mechanical properties and activities of matrix metalloproteinases in rat aortas stimulated with cytokines / Wenjing Huang ... [et al.]. Formulation of linearized error dynamics equations of measurement-integrated simulation / Kentaro Imagawa, Tohiyuki Hayase. Evaluation of the mechanical properties of blood vessel biomodeling with poly (vinyl alcohol) hydrogel / Hiroyuki Kosukegawa ... [et al.]. Numerical experiment for ultrasonic-measurement-integrated simulation of developed laminar pipe flow using axisymmetric model / Lei Liu, Kenichi Funamoto, Toshiyuki Hayase. The effect of ATP on force relaxation of isolated actin stress fibers exposed to step strain / Tsubasa Matsui ... [et al.]. Development of an in vitro tracking system for catheter motion / Makoto Ohta ... [et al.]. Analysis of changes in the gliding direction of kinesin-driven microtubules focusing on their length and kinesin density / Shukei Sugita. Remodeling of vascular endothelial cells induced by stretching force transmitted through intercellular junctions / Yosuke Ueki ... [et al.]. Estimation of unsteady blood flow rate in ultrasonic-measurement-integrated simulation / Takayuki Yamagata, Toshiyuki Hayase.
section 2. Nano-bioimaging. Structural change of the human brain with aging in healthy subjects-a brain magnetic resonance image (MRI) study / Hiroshi Fukuda ... [et al.]. Elasticity-based tissue characterization of arterial wall / Hideyuki Hasegawa ... [et al.]. Radiology anatomy of the right adrenal vein : preliminary experience with MDCT / Shoki Takahashi, Kei Takase, Tomonori Matsuura. Potentials of nano-bio-imaging with positron emission tomography and radiopharmaceuticals / Manabu Tashiro, Kazuhiko Yanai. High intensity focused ultrasound treatment enhanced with nano-to micro-particles / Shin-Ichiro Umemura ... [et al.]. Molecular imaging and its application to drug development at Tohoku University / Kazuhiko Yanai ... [et al.]. Molecular imaging of lymph node micrometastasis using contrast-enhanced high-frequency ultrasonagraphy / Li Li, Kei Takase, Shoki Takahashi. Evaluation of exercise induced organ energy metabolism using two analytical approaches : a pet study / Mehedi Masud ... [et al.]. Development of a new positron emission mammography (PEM) / Masayasu Miyake ... [et al.]. Analysis of anatomical networks using regional gray matter volume with Japanese brain MRI database / Kai Wu, Hiroshi Fukuda.
section 3. Nano-biodevices. Passive intelligent walker controlled by servo breaks / Yasuhisa Hirata, Kazuhiro Kosuge. New objective assessment of acoustic transfer function via patulous eustachian tube using time-stretched pulse / Tetsuaki Kawase ... [et al.]. Miniaturized microfluidic biofuel cells / Matsuhiko Nishizawa. Development of an endoscopic tactile sensor using PVDF films / Mami Tanaka ... [et al.]. Development of a fully implantable retinal prosthesis with a three-dimensionally stacked large-scale integrated circuit / Tetsu Tanaka, Takafumi Fukushima, Mitsumasa Koyanagi. Visualization of ion distribution by a chemical imaging sensor / Tatsuo Yoshinobu ... [et al.]. A car transportation system with multiple robots : iCART / Mitsuru Endo ... [et al.]. A photoreceptive stimulator for a retinal prosthesis with 3D stacked LSI / Kouji Kiyoyama ... [et al.]. Development of a silicon neural probe for an intelligent silicon neural probe system / Risato Kobayashi ... [et al.]. Evoked potentials in response to electrical stimulation of the cochlear nucleus by means of multi-channel surface microelectrodes / Kiyoshi Oda ... [et al.]. Development of a tactile sensor for evaluation of detergents / Daisuke Tsuchimi, Mami Tanaka.
section 4. Nano-biointervention. Noncontact manipulation of micro-nano scale biological objects in a chip using integrated optical tweezers and microtools / Fumihito Arai, Hisataka Maruyama, Toshio Fukuda. On-chip cell manipulation with magnetically driven microtools / Fumihito Arai, Yoko Yamanishi. Analysis of tumor suppressor gene using molecular imaging for personalized medicine / Natsuko Chiba, Leizhen Wei. Development of a transcutaneous energy transmission system for advanced medical applications / Kentaro Kato ... [et al.]. Development of bio-imaging with functional nano-objects / Noriaki Ohuchi ... [et al.]. Development of the various kinds of artificial organs and clinical application of the new diagnosis tool / Tomoyuki Yambe. Pulse diagnosis machine and autogenic training / Tomoyuki Yambe. Detection algorithm of fatal arrhythmias for implantable cardioverter defibrillators using joint probability / Makoto Yoshizawa ... [et al.]. Quantitative evaluation of effects of visually induced motion sickness using photoplethysmography / Makoto Abe ... [et al.]. Sentinel lymph node biopsy and mapping by silica-coated fluorescent beads / Liman Cong ... [et al.]. In vivo real-time tracking of single particle in tumors of mice / Yohei Hamanaka ... [et al.]. Analysis of power spectrum and fractal dimension during undulation pump ventricular assistance / Hongjian Liu ... [et al.]. Fabrication of transparent arteriole membrane models / Takuma Nakano ... [et al.]. Achievement of mechanical assistance by an artificial myocardium using shape memory alloy fibre / Yasuyuki Shiraishi, Tomoyuki Yambe, Dai Homma. Analysis of BRCA1 accumulation at DNA double-strand breaks using a molecular imaging technique / Leizhen Wei, Natsuko Chiba. This proceedings volume details both current and future research and development initiatives in nano-biomedical engineering, arguably the most important technology of the world in the 21st century. It deals with the following four groups of nano-biomedical engineering: nano-biomechanics, nano-bioimaging, nano-biodevices, and nano-biointervention. Consisting of a compilation of studies conducted by group members of the Tohoku University Global Center of Excellence Program, with specially coordinated funding from the Japanese Government, the papers emphasize the integration of research and education collaboration between engineering and medicine, and showcase Japan's top-level research in the field of nano-biomedical engineering.