Table of Contents

Non-verbal and multimodal metaphor in a cognitivist framework : agendas for research / Charles Forceville.
Brand images : multimodal metaphor in corporate branding messages / Veronika Koller.
Cutting across the senses : imagery in winespeak and audiovisual promotion / Rosario Caballero.
Interaction of multimodal metaphor and metonymy in TV commercials : four case studies / Eduardo Urios-Aparisi.
Nonverbal and multimodal manifestation of metaphors and metonymies : a case study / Ning Yu.
Visual metaphor versus verbal metaphor : a unified account / Francisco Yus.
Metaphor in political cartoons : exploring audience responses / Elizabeth El Refaie.
Image alignment in multimodal metaphor / Norman Y. Teng.
Visual metaphoric conceptualization in editorial cartoons / Joost Schilperoord and Alfons Maes.
Anger in Asterix : the metaphorical representation of anger in comics and animated films / Bart Eerden.
Pictorial metaphors of emotion in Japanese comics / Kazuko Shinohara and Yoshihiro Matsunaka.
Words, gestures, and beyond : forms of multimodal metaphor in the use of spoken language / Cornelia Müller and Alan Cienki.
Metonymy first, metaphor second : a cognitive-semiotic approach to multimodal figures of thought in co-speech gesture / Irene Mittelberg and Linda R. Waugh.
Music, language, and multimodal metaphor / Lawrence M. Zbikowski.
The role of non-verbal sound and music in multimodal metaphor / Charles Forceville.
Multimodal metaphor in classical film theory from the 1920s to the 1950s / Mats Rohdin.
Multimodal expressions of the human victim is animal metaphor in horror films / Gunnar Theodór Eggertsson and Charles Forceville. Metaphor pervades discourse and may govern how we think and act. But most studies only discuss its verbal varieties. This book examines metaphors drawing on combinations of visuals, language, gestures, sound, and music. Investigated texts include advertising, political cartoons, comics, film, songs, and oral communication. Where appropriate, the influence of genre and cultural factors is thematized.