Table of Contents

Moving Objects Modeling.
Moving Objects Tracking.
Moving Objects Indexing.
Moving Objects Basic Querying.
Moving Objects Advanced Querying.
Trajectory Prediction of Moving Objects.
Uncertainty Management in Moving Objects Database.
Statistical Analysis on Moving Object Trajectories.
Clustering Analysis of Moving Objects.
Dynamic Transportation Navigation.
Location Privacy. Moving Objects Management focuses on moving object management, from the location management perspective to determining how constantly changing locations affect the traditional database and data mining technology. The book specifically describes the topics of moving objects modeling and location tracking, indexing and querying, clustering, location uncertainty, traffic-aware navigation and privacy issues, as well as the application to intelligent transportation systems. Through the book, the readers will be made familiar with the cutting-edge technologies in moving object management that can be effectively applied in LBS and transportation contexts. The second edition of this book significantly expands the coverage of the latest research on location privacy, traffic-aware navigation and uncertainty. The book has also been reorganized, with nearly all chapters rewritten, and several new chapters have been added to address the latest topics on moving objects management. ? Xiaofeng Meng is a professor at the School of Information, Renmin University of China; Zhiming Ding is a professor at the Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISCAS); Jiajie Xu is an assistant professor at the ISCAS.