Table of Contents

Blood donors and the withdrawal of blood.
Transfusion of blood, blood components and plasma alternatives in oligaemia.
Immunology of red cells.
ABO, Lewis, and P groups and Ii antigens.
The Rh blood group system (and LW).
Other red cell antigens.
Red cell antibodies against self-antigens, bound antigens and induced antigens.
Blood grouping techniques.
The transfusion of red cells.
Red cell incompatibility in vivo.
Haemolytic transfusion reactions.
Haemolytic disease of the fetus and the newborn.
Immunology of leucocytes, platelets and plasma components.
The transfusion of platelets, leucocytes, haemopoietic cells and plasma components.
Some unfavourable effects of transfusion.
Infectious agents transmitted by transfusion.
Alternatives to blood transfusion.