Table of Contents

Alimentary tract in nutrition / Samuel Klein, Steven M. Cohn, and David H. Alpers.
Assessment of malabsorption / Darlene G. Kelly.
Nutrition and dental medicine / Dominick P. DePaola ... [et al.].
The esophagus and stomach / William F. Stenson.
Intestinal disaccharidase depletions / Steven R. Hertzler ... [et al.].
Short bowel syndrome / Khursheed N. Jeejeebhoy.
Inflammatory bowel disease / Anne M. Griffiths.
Celiac disease / J. Joseph Connon.
Nutrition in pancreatic disorders / Massimo Raimondo and James S. Scolapio.
Nutrition in liver disorders and the role of alcohol / Charles S. Lieber.
Molecular basis of carcinogenesis / Dana Rathkopf and Gary K. Schwartz.
Diet and cancer risk / Walter C. Willett and Edward Giovannucci.
Chemoprevention of cancer / Michael B. Sporn.
Nutrition support of the patient with cancer / Mark Schattner and Moshe Shike.
Bone biology in health and disease / Robert P. Heaney.
Nutrition and diet in rheumatic diseases / Sarah L. Morgan.
Osteoporosis / Bess Dawson-Hughes.
Behavorial disorders affecting food intake: eating disorders and other psychiatric conditions / Janelle W. Coughlin and Angela S. Guarda.
Nutritional disorders of the nervous system / Gustavo C. Román.
The hypercatabolic state / Stephen F. Lowry and J. Martin Perez.
Nutrition and infection / Richard D. Semba.
Nutrition in the care of the patient with surgery, trauma, and sepsis / Kenneth A. Kudsk and Gordon S. Sacks.
Evolution of knowledge of essential nutrients / Kenneth J. Carpenter and Alfred E. Harper.
Human energy metabolism / John M. Kinney.
Management of infantile diarrhea and dehydration / Samuel J. Fomon.
Proteins and amino acids / Dwight E. Matthews.
Carbohydrates / Nancy L. Keim, Roy L. Levin, and Peter J. Havel.
Dietary fiber / Joanne R. Lupton and Paula R. Trumbo.
Lipids / Peter J.H. Jones and Stanley Kubow.
Cholesterol and other dietary sterols / David Kritchevsky.
Energy needs: assessment and requirements / Nancy F. Butte and Benjamin Caballero.
Electrolytes, water, and acid-base balance / Man S. Oh and Jaime Uribarri.
Calcium / Connie M. Weaver and Robert P. Heaney.
Phosphorus / James P. Knochel.
Magnesium / Robert K. Rude and Maurice E. Shils.
Iron / Richard J. Wood and Alayne G. Ronnenberg.
Zinc / Robert J. Cousins and Janet C. King and Robert J. Cousins.
Copper / Judith R. Turnlund.
Iodine / John T. Dunn.
Selenium / Raymond F. Burk and Orville A. Levander.
Manganese / Alan L. Buchman.
Chromium / Barbara J. Stoecker.
Other trace elements and ultratrace minerals / Curtis D. Eckhert.
Vitamin A and carotenoids / A. Catharine Ross.
Vitamin D / Michael F. Holick.
Vitamin E / Maret G. Traber.
Vitamin K / John W. Suttie.
Thiamin / Roger F. Butterworth.
Riboflavin / Donald B. McCormick.
Niacin / Christelle Bourgeois, Daniel Cervantes-Laurean, and Joel Moss.
Nutrition, diet, and the kidney / Joel D. Kopple.
Food allergies and intolerances / Steve L. Taylor and Susan L. Hefle.
Nutrition in the older person / John E. Morley.
Drug-nutrient interactions / Lingtak-Neander Chan.
Enteral feeding / Moshe Shike.
Parenteral feeding / Rex O. Brown and Gayle Minard.
Chronic disease management: the team approach / Maurice E. Shils, Abby S. Bloch, and Patricia Brown.
Nutritional and medical ethics: the interplay of medical decisions, patients' rights, and the judicial system / Maurice E. Shils.
Foundations of a healthy diet / Walter C. Willett and Meir J. Stampfer.
Nutritional implications of vegetarian diets / Patricia K. Johnston and Joan Sabaté.
Dietary recommended intakes: rationale and application / Allison A. Yates.
Dietary goals and guidelines: national perspectives / Johanna T. Dwyer.
Nutrition monitoring in the United States / Marie Fanelli Kuczmarski and Robert J. Kuczmarski.
Food-based dietary guidelines for healthier populations: international considerations / Ricardo Uauy, Eva Hertrampf, and Alan D. Dangour.
Nutrition transition: global trends in diet and disease / Benjamin Caballero.
Sports nutrition / Melvin H. Williams.
Social and cultural influences on food consumption and nutritional status / Sara A. Quandt.
Fads, frauds, and quackery / Stephen Barrett.
Alternative nutrition therapies / Stephen Barrett.
Food processing: nutrition, safety, and quality / John W. Finley, Denise M. Deming, and Robert E. Smith.
Designing functional foods / Wayne R. Bidlack and Wei Wang.
Food additives, contaminants, and natural toxicants and their risk assessments / Steve L. Taylor.
Nutrition labeling of foods and dietary supplements / Kenneth D. Fisher, Elizabeth A. Yetley, and Christine L. Taylor.
Nutritional aspects of hematologic diseases / Christopher R. Chitambar and Aok C. Antony.
Nutrition, respiratory function, and disease / Bruce Suckling, Margaret M. Johnson, and Robert Chin Jr. Pregnancy / R. Elaine Turner.
Lactation / Mary Frances Picciano and Sharon S. McDonald.
Infancy and childhood / William C. Heird.
Adolescence / Margarita S. Treuth and Ian Griffin.
Adulthood / Douglas C. Heimburger.
The elderly / Connie Watkins Bales and Christine Seel Ritchie.
Malnutrition among children in the united states: the impact of poverty / Robert Karp.
Pediatric feeding problems / Richard Katz, Ramasamy Manikam, and Linda Schuberth.
Protein-energy malnutrition / Benjamin Torún.
Inherited metabolic disease: amino acids, organic acids, and galactose / Louis J. Elsas, II, and Phyllis B. Acosta.
Inherited metabolic disease: defects of ?-oxidation / Jerry Vockley and Deborah L. Renaud.
Childhood obesity / William H. Dietz.
Nutritional management of infants and children with specific diseases or other conditions / Arthur Cooper and William C. Heird.
Metabolic syndrome: definition, relationship to insulin resistance, and clinical utility / Gerald M. Reaven.
Obesity: etiology / James O. Hill, Victoria A. Catenacci, and Holly R. Wyatt.
Obesity: management / Thomas A. Wadden, Kirstin J. Byrne, and Stephanie Krauthamer-Ewing.
Diabetes mellitus / James W. Anderson.
Nutrient and genetic regulation of lipoprotein: metabolism / Margo A. Denke.
Nutrition in the management of disorders of serum lipids and lipoproteins / Scott M. Grundy.
Nutrition, diet, and hypertension / Theodore A. Kotchen and Jane Morley Kotchen.
Congestive heart failure / John R. Hoyle and Frederic R. Kahl.
Vitamin B6 / Amy D. Mackey, Steven R. Davis, and Jesse F. Gregory III.
Pantothenic acid / Paula R. Trumbo.
Folic acid / Ralph Carmel.
Cobalamin (vitamin B12) / Ralph Carmel.
Biotin / Donald M. Mock.
Vitamin C / Mark Levine, Arie Katz, and Sebastian J. Padayatty.
Choline and phosphatidylcholine / Steven H. Zeisel and Mihai D. Niculescu.
Carnitine / Charles J. Rebouche.
Homocysteine, cysteine, and taurine / Martha H. Stipanuk.
Glutamine / Alan L. Buchman.
Arginine and nitric oxide / Benjamin M. Chionglo Sy, Erin E. Dweik, and Raed A. Dweik.
Phytochemicals / Ronald L. Prior.
Clinical manifestations of nutrient deficiencies / Douglas C. Heimburger, Donald S. McLaren, and Maurice E. Shils.
Nutrient regulation of gene expression and nutritional genomics / Robert J. Cousins.
Polymorphisms: effect on nutrient utilization and metabolism / Patrick J. Stover and Cutberto Garza.
Hormones and growth factors / Irwin J. Brodsky.
Cytokines and eicosanoids / Joseph G. Cannon.
Nutrition and the immune system / Gabriel Fernandes, Christopher A. Jolly, and Richard A. Lawrence.
Oxidant defense in oxidative and nitrosative stress / James A. Thomas.
The chemical senses and nutrition / Richard D. Mattes.
Controls of food intake / Gerard P. Smith.
Physical activity, fitness, and health / Gary R. Hunter.
Metabolic consequences of starvation / L. John Hoffer.
Body composition and anthropometry / Steven B. Heymsfield and Richard Baumgartner --