Table of Contents

Introduction: Knowing Ex-centrics/Ex-centric Knowing / Vincent L. Wimbush.
Chapter 1. Native Evangelicals and Scriptural Ethnologies / Andrea Smith.
Chapter 2. Scriptures as Sundials in African American Lives / Velma E. Love.
Chapter 3. Reading the Word in America: U.S. Latino/a Religious Communities and Their Scriptures / Efrain Agosto.
Chapter 4. Asian Americans, Bible Believers: An Ethnological Study / Tat-siong Benny Liew.
Chapter 5. Maronite Catholics, Orthodox Christians, and Sunni Muslims from the Arab Region: Between Empire, Racialization, and Assimilation / Nadine Naber and Matthew Stiffler.
Appendix 1. Chapter 1: Research Information.
Appendix 2.1. Chapter 4: Interview Questionnaire.
Appendix 2.2. Chapter 4: Collaborators/Research Team Members.
Appendix 2.3. : Chapter 4: Interviewee List (With Pseudonyms). This collection of ethnographic essays illuminates the 'reading' of the United States of America as a scriptural formation by focusing on the scripturalizing practices of peoples of color. Through the uses of 'scriptures' (broadly defined) majoritarian readings have long (over)determined the nation-its origins, historical development, diversification, cultural boundaries values, textures, and representations. The result is a scriptural formation that functions as a reading formation with a fixed, texted center, a type of scriptural fundamentalism, which seeks to manage and undermine difference.