Table of Contents

Contents; Preface; 1. The Requirement for Minerals; 2. Natural Sources of Minerals; 3. Assessing and Controlling Mineral Status in Livestock; 4. Calcium; 5. Magnesium; 6. Phosphorus; 7. Potassium; 8. Sodium and Chloride; 9. Sulfur; 10. Cobalt; 11. Copper; 12. Iodine; 13. Iron; 14. Manganese; 15. Selenium; 16. Zinc; 17. Occasionally Beneficial Elements; 18. Potentially Toxic Elements; 19. Design of Supplementation Trials For Assessing Mineral Deprivation; 20. Minerals and Humans; Appendices; Index The fourth edition of this important book covers the advances in livestock mineral nutrition, updated with more illustrations and additional material on the relationship between livestock and man. Recent developments are discussed, such as increasing the 'mineral value' of feeds by the use of additives and enhancing mineral availability through the use of organic sources of trace elements. The concept of the 'mineral footprint' of livestock production is introduced and methods of mineral feeding that lower environmental pollution are presented. Opportunities and problems in manipulating the mineral content of livestock to improve the mineral status of consumers are also addressed. The book is an essential resource for researchers and students in animal nutrition, agriculture and veterinary medicine, and a useful reference for those concerned with human nutrition and environmental protection.