Table of Contents

Microparametric syntax : some introductory remarks / Richard S. Kayne.
Une analyse microparamétrique des moyens dans les langues romanes / J.-Marc Authier & Lisa Reed.
Treating that-trace variation / Philip Branigan.
Negative particle questions : a dialectal comparison / Lisa L.-S. Cheng, C.-T. James Huang & C.-C. Jane Tang.
Imperative inversion in Belfast English / Alison Henry.
Scandinavian possessive constructions from a northern Swedish viewpoint / Anders Holmberg & Görel Sandström.
The occasional absence of anaphoric agreement in Labrador Inuttut / Alana Johns.
Hypothetical infinitives and crosslinguistic variations in continental and Quebec French / France Martineau & Virginia Motapanyane.
The second person singular interrogative in the traditional vernacular of the Bolton metropolitan area / Graham Shorrocks.
Reflexives, pronouns, and subject/verb agreement in Icelandic and Faroese / Knut Tarald Taraldsen.
Adverbial quantifiers and dialectal variation in a minimalist framework / Marie-Thérèse Vinet.
Verb clusters in continental West Germanic dialects / Jan-Wouter Zwart.