Table of Contents

Metal tolerance and bioabsorption potential of soil fungi: applications for a green and clean water treatment technology / Iqbal Ahmad ... [et al.].
Rhizosphere and root colonization by bacterial inoculants and their monitoring methods: a critical area in PGPR reseearch / Farah Ahmad, Fohad Mabood Husain, and Iqbal Ahmad.
Pesticide interaction with soil microflora: importances in bioremediation / Munees Ahemad and Mohammad Saghir Khan.
Baculovirus pesticides: present state and future perspectives / Flavio Moscardi ... [et al.].
Fungal bioinoculants for plant disease management / Mujeebur Rahmad Khan and M. Arshad Anwer.
Mycorrhizal inoculants: progress in inoculant production technology / Zaki A. Siddiqui and Ryota Kataoka. Microbial applications in agriculture in the environment: a broad perspective / Iqbal Ahmad ... [et al.].
Molecular techniques to assess microbial community structure, function, and dynamics in the environment / Gurdeep Rastogi and Rajesh K. Sani.
The biofilm returns: microbial life at the interface / Anand Jain, Enrico Marsili, and Narayan B. Bhosle.
Future application of probiotics: a boon from dairy biology / Vinod Singh ... [et al.].
Microbially synthesized nanoparticles: scope and applications / Javed Musarrat ... [et al.].
Bactorial quorum sensing and its interference: methods and significance / Iqbal Ahmad ... [et al.].
Horizontal gene transfer between bacteria under natural conditions / Elisabeth Grohmann.
Molecular strategies: detection of foodborne bacterial pathogens / Javed Ahmad Khan ... [et al.].
Recent advances in bioremediation of contaminated soil and water using microbial surfactants / Achlesh Daverey and Kannan Pakshirajan.
Bioaugmentation-assisted phytoextraction applied to mental-contaminated soils: state of the art and future prospect / Thierry Lebeau, Karine Jézéquel, and Armelle Brand.
Biosorption of uranium for environmental applications using bacteria isolated from uranium deposits / Takehiko Tsuruta.
Bacterial biosorption: a technique for remediation of heavy metals / Mohd Ikram Ansari, Farhana Masood, and Abdul Malik.