Table of Contents

1. The organizational measurement challenge: what's the score? are we winning?.
2. Measuring operations and supply chain performance: winners work.
3. Organizational measurement methods and tools: training day.
4. Developing organizational measures: the plan.
5. Key enablers: policy deployment, accountability sessions, employee training and involvement, and improvement tool selection and application.
6. Using scorecards and dashboards: working the plan.
7. Case review: metrics in action!.
8. Making cultural transitions.
9. Achieving, sustaining, and celebrating success.
Index. Over the last decade Lean and Six Sigma methods and tools have helped organizations improve to historic productivity levels with the data driven, systematic elimination of waste, and improvement of flow. Today many organizations have enjoyed the benefits of Lean and Six Sigma initiatives, and are looking more to sustain the gains, and aggressively drive a systematic and ongoing approach to improvement and problem solving. The concept of diminishing returns applies here in the early stages when organizations were able to find "low-hanging fruit" and to quickly make significant improvements. Now the easy work is done, and organizations need a simple yet systematic approach to continuing their continuous improvement efforts. The term scoreboards and dashboards are quite common, and many organizations have them. However, the author's observations are that there are many problems common to most organization dashboards.