Table of Contents

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Recent Advances in Carbocyclic Nucleosides: Synthesis and Biological Activity / Jianing Wang, Ravindra K Rawal, Chung K Chu.
Structures and Functions of Nucleic Acids Modified With S, Se, and Te and Complexed with Small Molecules / Wen Zhang, Jia Sheng, Zhen Huang.
Unraveling of the NAD Cyclizing and Calcium Signaling Functions of Human CD38 / Hon Cheung Lee.
DNA and RNA Binding Small Molecules / Shibo Li, Zhen Xi.
G-Quadruplex DNA and its Ligands in Anticancer Therapy / Zhi-Shu Huang, Jia-Heng Tan, Tian-Miao Ou, Ding Li, Lian-Quan Gu.
Molecular Modeling in Nucleic Acid-Targeted Drug Design / Lidan Sun, Hongwei Jin, Liangren Zhang, Lihe Zhang.
Structure of 10₆23 DNAzyme in Complex with the Target RNA --A Progress Report on the Mechanism of RNA Cleavage by DNA Enzyme / Oleksandr Plashkevych, Jyoti Chattopadhyaya.
Labeling Oligonucleotides toward the Biomedical Probe / Il Joon Lee, Byeang Hyean Kim.
Locked Nucleic Acid Oligonucleotides toward Clinical Applications / Rakesh N Veedu, Jesper Wengel.
The Pharmacokinetics Research of Nucleic Acid Drugs / Shengqi Wang, Dandan Lu, Qingqing Wang, Haifeng Song, Chan Gao, Caihong Liu, Ying Wang.
Inducible RNAi and Drug Target Validation / Wei Xiong, Jing Zhao, Yufan Zhang, Jinxi Wang, Yong-Xiang Zheng, Qiu-Chen He, Li-He Zhang, De-Min Zhou.
siRNA: The Specificity and off-Target Effects / Quan Du, Huang Huang, Zicai Liang.
Wiley Series in Drug Discovery and Development.
Recent advances in carbocyclic nucleosides : synthesis and biological activity / Jianing Wang, Ravindra K. Rawal, and Chung K. Chu.
Structures and functions of nucleic acids modified with S, Se, and Teand complexed with small molecules / Wen Zhang, Jia Sheng, and Zhen Huang.
Unraveling of the NAD cyclizing and calcium signaling functions of human CD38 / Hon Cheung Lee.
DNA and RNA binding small molecules / Shibo Li and Zhen Xi.
G-quadruplex DNA and its ligands in anticancer therapy / Zhi-shu Huang ... [et al.].
Molecular modeling in nucleic acid targeted drug design / Lidan Sun ... [et al.].
Structure of 10-23 DNAzyme in complex with the target RNA in silico : a progress report on the mechanism of RNA cleavage by DNA enzyme / Oleksandr Plashkevych and Jyoti Chattopadhyaya.
Labeling oligonucleotides towards the biomedical probe / Il Joon Lee and Byeang Hyean Kim.
Locked nucleic acid oligonucleotides towards clinical application / Rakesh N. Veedu and Jesper Wengel.
The pharmacokinetics researches of nucleic acid drugs / Shengqi Wang.
Inducible RNAi and drug target validation / Wei Xiong ... [et al.].
SiRNA : the specificity and off-target effects.
Quan Du, Huang Huang, Zicai Liang. Covering all areas of the medicinal chemistry and therapeutic applications of nucleic acids, this book provides up-to-date coverage of the broad area of nucleic acid chemistry and biology. The book lays out the basic principles of medicinal chemistry of nucleic acids before focusing on the development and application of modified nucleosides and nucleotides in medicinal chemistry. Cutting-edge subjects for drug discovery like antisense, RNAi, and siRNA are also discussed, and help the target audience of chemists, pharmaceutical researchers, and academics understand the use of nucleic acid drugs to treat diseases.