Table of Contents

Chemical nerve agents / Daniel C. Keyes.
Vesicating agents including mustard and Lewisite / Stacey L. Hail and Daniel C. Keyes.
Cyanide / Rebeca Gracia.
Phosgene and toxic gases / Melissa L. Givens.
Incapacitating agents: BZ, calmative agents, and riot control agents / John Gomez and Yedidia Bentur.
Anthrax / Anthony J. Carbone.
Plague / Anthony J. Carbone.
Smallpox / Lisa Rotz, Inger Damon, and Joanne Cono.
Viral hemorrhagic fevers / Erik J. Won and Anthony J. Carbone.
Lesser known biological agents and potential threats / Teriggi J. Ciccone and Seric S. Cusick.
Botulinum: the most toxic substance known / Robert Abar Timmons and Anthony J. Carbone.
Health care facilities and interagency communication during terrorism / Raymond L. Fowler ... [et al.].
Media and communications preparedness for terrorist events / Raymond L. Fowler, Paul E. Pepe, Paul E. Moore.
Exercises and educational courses in terrorism preparedness / Myra M. Socher and Edwin K. Leap.
Technology applications in preparedness training / Timothy D. Peterson.
Strategic response to explosive and traumatic terrorism / Brian A. Krakover.
The forensic evaluation of gunshot wounds associated with a terrorist event / William S. Smock.
Homeland security / F. Marion Cain III and Gary L. Holt.
The role of military medicine in civilian disaster response / Brian A. Krakover.
Law enforcement related agencies / William Fabbri and Nelson Tang.
Psychological impact of terrorism / Gregory Luke Larkin, Jay Woody, and Cynthia Claassen.
Being a child in the midst of terrorism / Richard Aghababian ... [et al.].
Agricultural terrorism and its implication on the health care system / Timothy Rupp and Shane Zatkalik.
Mass fatality incidents / Lynn Roppolo and Kathy Rinnert.
Cyberterrorism / Brian Krakover. Structure collapse, extrication, crush syndrome, and rhabdomyolysis / Adam H. Miller.
Introduction to all-hazards preparedness and planning for terrorism / Adam H. Miller ... [et al.].
Scene preparedness / Marc Eckstein and Ray Fowler.
Hospital preparedness / Kathy J. Rinnert and Daniel C. Keyes.
Community public health preparedness / Scott F. Wetterhall, and Darren F. Collins.
Mass gathering preparedness / Carl Menckhoff, and Michael Shaw.
Federal, state, regional, and local resource access and utilization / David W. Gruber.
Personal protective equipment / Joshua G. Schier and Robert S. Hoffman.
All-hazards approach to decontamination / Richard N. Bradley.
Detection, prediction, and surveillance / Warren L. Whitlock and Gay Dews Thompson.
Toxins / Sophia Dyer and Stephen Traub.
Types of radiation: basic theory explained for the nonphysicist / Greene Shepherd.
Detection of nuclear radiation / Keith Edsall and Daniel C. Keyes.
Personal protection and decontamination for radiation emergencies / Keith Edsall and Daniel C. Keyes.
Treatment of radiation exposure and contamination / Keith Edsall and Daniel C. Keyes.
Radiation dispersal devices, dirty bombs, and nonconventional radiation exposure / Madison Patrick, Keith Edsall, and Daniel C. Keyes.
Detonation of a nuclear device / Cham E. Dallas.
Nuclear power plant disasters / Wilfredo Rivera.
Types of explosions and explosive injuries defined / Adam Miller and Richard Linsky --