Table of Contents

Part 1 Medical Education.
A Democratising Force for Medicine.
Medical Education as Patient.
Beyond Practical Reasoning.
Learning from Learning Theory.
Socio-Cultural Learning Theories.
Part 2 Identity, Power and Location in Medical Education.
Producing Doctors.
New Forms of Identity in a Runaway World of Medicine.
The Medical Educator and the Clinical Teacher.
Identity Construction of the Medical Educator Through Learning and Writing.
Power in Medical Education.
Place Matters: Location in Medical Education.
Learning by Simulation and the Simulation of Learning.
Global Medical Education.
A Post Colonial Dilemma.
Part 3 Medical Education Research A Democratising Force for Medical Education.
Lets Get Real: Medical Students Learning from, with and About Patients.
Texts, Authoring and Reading in Medical Education.
Lack, Trajectories and Ruptures in Medical Education Research.
A Framework for Medical Education Research: Cultures, Contexts and Concepts.
Part 4 A Medical Education for the Future.
Identities, Powers and Locations: What Does the Future Hold for Medical Education.
From Pedagogy to Policy: A Regulatory Framework for Medical Education.