Table of Contents

The rise and rise of imputed filth.
Nanook, Nyla and their successors : representations from the outside.
Internalising 'outsider' representations : the Once Were Warriors syndrome.
Cultures of silence--media denial of colonial oppression.
From colonisation to cultural revival : homeland, Diaspora, and the 'New Media Nation'.
Reciprocal seeing.
Ethnic roots, diasporic routes, and resistance from below. Volumes in the Media Topics series critically examine the core subject areas within Media Studies. Each volume offers a critical overview as well as an original Intervention into the subject. Volume topics include: media theory and practice, history, policy, ethics, politics, discourse, culture and audience. Media and Ethnic Minorities Valerie Alia and Simone Bull This book addresses cross-cultural representations of ethnic minority peoples by dominant society 'outsiders' and Indigenous self-representation in the context of the 'New Media Nation'. In doing so, It explores the role of language.