Table of Contents

Analysis of methane / S Lopez and C.J. Newbold.
Measuring methane emission of ruminants by In vitro and In vivo techniques / C.R. Soliva and H.D. Hess.
The SF₆ tracer technique: methane measurement from ruminants / K.A. Johnson, H.H. Westberg, J.J. Michal, and M.W. Cossalman.
Estimation of ruminal methane production from measurement of volatile fatty acid production / R.S. Hegarty and J.V. Nolan.
Measurement of methane production rate in the rumen using isotopic tracers / R.S. Hegarty, R.A. Leng, and J.V. Nolan.
Measurement of methane from grazing animals.
the tunnel method / P.J. Murray, D.C. Chadwick, C.J. Newbold, and D.R. Lockyer.
A protocol for the operation of open-circuit chambers for measuring methane output in sheep / Y.J. Williams, L. Klein, and A.-D.G. Wright.
Construction and operation of ventilated hood-type respiration calorimeters for In vivo measurement of methane production and energy partition in ruminants / T. Suzuki, G.J. McCrabb, T. Nishida, S. Indramanee, and M. Kurihara. This book gives a comprehensive account of the methodologies for measuring methane from in vitro fermentation systems, and from stall-fed and grazing animals. The chapters have been contributed by experts in the field and methods and protocols have been presented in simple format for direct practical use. A variety of techniques for measuring methane emissions ranging from radio and stable isotopic methods, respiration chambers to the tunnel method and sulphur hexafluoride tracer technique, which can be used with animals in the field have been covered. In vitro fermentation systems which provi.