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Measurement Technology and its Application; Preface and Conference Organization; Table of Contents; Chapter 1: Acoustics and Ultrasonic Measurement; Cellulose Fiber Reinforced Concrete Fracture Mechanisms and Damage Detection Using Acoustic Emission; Comparison of Hydrophone Calibration by Reciprocity and Heterodyne Interferometer in the Frequency Range 500 kHz to 15 MHz; Acoustic Information Acquisition and Time Domain Analysis on Alternating Current Rail Flash Butt Welding Denoising and Defect Diagnosis of Material Ultrasonic Detection signal Based on Best Wavelet Packet BaseThe Realization for Sound Pressure Unit Using Laser Doppler Anemometry in a Travelling Wave Tube; Optimal Selection of Long Time Acoustic Features Using GA for the Assessment of Vocal Fold Disorders; The Study of Using Ultrasonic Sensors to Detect Degradation Characteristics of the Ferrite Core; Attenuation Characteristics of Sound Wave in Silicon Dioxide ER Fluid; The Ultrasonic Wave Method to Pile Test and Detection Analysis of a Complex Building Detection and Characterization of Intergranular Stress Corrosion Cracking on Sensitized 304 Stainless Steel by Acoustic Emission TechniquesThe Research of Glucose Solution Based on Photoacoustic Measurement; Acoustic Modal Test and Finite Element Analysis on Vehicle Cavity; Design and Implementation of Ultrasonic Ranging System; Identify on Acoustic Emission Signals of Tank Bottom Corrosion Using Hidden Markov Model; Application of Parametric Acoustic Receiving Array to Underwater Acoustic Measurement Echo Sounder Survey in Dongzhai Bay to Detect the Earthquake Event in 1605, Hainan, South ChinaChapter 2: Light/Radiation Monitoring; MPPT of Two-Peak PV System Combined the Hysteresis Comparison Method with Incremental Conductance; Surface Reconstruction Method by Photometric Stereovision Based on Oren-Nayar's Model; Multi-Focus Fusion Based on the Imaging Fuzzy Mechanism; Two Spectral Reconstruction Methods and their Accuracy Comparison; A High Precision Pico-Amperes Scale Current Measurement System in Radiation Detection Object Detection with Ultrasound Sensors in Mobile Robots Working AreaAn Investigation of Size Effect on Fatigue Property of 3000 MPa-Class Mould Steel Under Ultrasonic Fatigue Testing; Biquaternion Model of Vector Hydrophone Array and DOA Estimation Algorithm; An Investigation of the Fatigue Property of Ultra-High Strength Mould Steel at 130 Hz and 20 kHz; Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter in Measurements of Turbulent Boundary Layer Flows; Semi-Supervised Ultrasound Image Segmentation Based on Curvelet Features This work covers topics such as: acoustics and ultrasonic measurement, light/radiation monitoring, electromagnetic measurement and resistance measurement, measurement of noise and vibration, remote sensing and telemetry, mechanical measurement, other measurement methods and their application, data acquisition, signal and data processing technology and systems, intelligence algorithms, optimization algorithms and their applications, materials properties and applications, engineering education. Review from Book News Inc.: This two-volume set presents peer-reviewed papers from a September 2002 co.