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Measurement Technology and its Application III; Preface and Conference Organization; Table of Contents; Chapter 1: Measurement Science, Methods and Techniques of Measurements; A Method of Test Point Optimization Selection for Analog Circuits; Analysis of Resistivity Characteristics of Sediments in Northwestern of South Yellow Sea; Analysis of the Formation Mechanism of Crack Network in Shale by CT; Bearing Replacement Monitoring Technology of Rail Transit Bridge in Beijing; Bending Curvature Measurement Based on Fiber Optic Technology and its Applications in High Voltage Switch. Characterization of a Magnetic Field Probe for Electromagnetic Interference Current MeasurementDisplacement Measurement of Supporting Structure in Foundation Pit by White Light Digital Image Analysis in Frequency Domain; Internet System of Cognitive Diagnosis Measurement for Mixed Scoring S-P Chart and its Applications; Laser On-Line Thickness Measurement Technology Based on Judgment and Wavelet De-Noising; Laser Wave-Front Measuring Based on Quadri-Wave Lateral Shearing Interferometry; Measurement Method of Phase Characteristics for High Frequency Pulse Tube Cryocooler. Novel Methods for Void Fraction Measurements by Means of Single-Beam Gamma-DensitometryStudies on the Optical Measuring System for Grape Stem Diameter; Study of Optical Coherence Theory in Measurement; Study on Random-Fuzzy Variables Method for ADC Measurement Uncertainty Evaluation; The AC Multi-Harmonic Magnetic Susceptibility Measurement Setup at the LNF-INFN; The Analysis of Solar Storms' Influence on GPS Measurement Errors; The Calculation Method of Particles Diameter of Three Typical Bulk Materials Based on Experimental Study. The Displacement Measurement of Ground Wind Loads for Launch VehicleThe Relations between UT1 Precision and Radio Source Sky-Coverage; The Research of GPS Elevation Fitting Considering the Influence of Covariance Function; Enabling Standardization in Shear Bond Strength Tests for Orthodontic Adhesives on Natural Teeth by Using an Innovative Grip Accessory for the Testing Machine; Knock Detection and Evaluation of Kerosene Piston Engine; Correction of the Popular Bias Test Method Recommended by ISO/TS16949 for Manufacturing Industries. The Oxygen Concentration Measurement of an Aircraft Fuel Tank Inerting SystemMulti-Agent Fault Diagnosis Methods Based on Information Fusion; Simulation Research of Charged Particle Discrimination Methods; Chapter 2: Signal Acquisition and Data Processing Techniques; A Method for Weak Multi-Frequency Signal Feature Extraction Based on Chaotic Duffing Oscillator; A Realization of Large Capacity, High-Speed Data Acquisition and Storage System; An Algorithm of Improving Least-Square Method on Tracing Accuracy of Bistatic Sonar System. Collection of selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2014 International Conference on Measurement, Instrumentation and Automation (ICMIA 2014), April 23-24, 2014, Shanghai, China. The 380 papers are grouped as follows: Chapter 1: Measurement Science, Methods and Techniques of Measurements, Chapter 2: Signal Acquisition and Data Processing Techniques, Chapter 3: Research and Design of Measurement Instruments, Chapter 4: Sensors Technology, Chapter 5: Image and Video Processing, Chapter 6: Artificial Intelligence, Optimization Algorithms and Computational Mathematics, Chapter 7: Mechatronics an.