Table of Contents

Lungs and Interstitial Network.
Pulmonary Arteries and Veins.
Aorta and Supra-aortic Trunks.
Bronchial Arteries and Vena Cava.
Pleura and Pericardium.
Mediastinal Compartments, Lymphatic System, and Esophagus.
Heart and Coronary Arteries.
Chest Wall.
Diaphragm and Abdominal and Pelvic Walls.
Peritoneal Cavity.
Splanchnic Arteries.
Iliac Arteries and Abdominal Aorta.
Renal Arteries.
Inferior Vena Caval System.
Venous Portal Circle.
Abdominal Lymphatic System.
Gastroduodenal Tract.
Small Intestine.
Biliary System.
Extraperitoneal Spaces.
Adrenal Glands.
Kidneys and Ureters.
Urinary Bladder.
Bony Pelvis.
Muscular Pelvis and Pelvic Floor.
Pelvic Space.
Female Pelvis: Uterus, Ovaries, and Ligaments.
Prostate and Seminal Vescicles.