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Materials Processing Technology, ICMPMT2011; Preface and Organizing Committees; Table of Contents; Chapter 1: Surface Engineering/Coatings; Mechanical Behaviours of Pumpkin Peel under Compression Test; Effect of Plasticizer of Sizing Agent on the Surface of Carbon Fibers and Interface of its Composites; Design of Gold Bead Chain Machine Based on Modern Design Methodology; Effect of Cold Reduction Ratio and Annealing Temperature on Microstructure and Mechanical Property of 240MPa Grade High Strength if Steel; Characterization of Micro-Arc Oxidation Coatings Formed on Biomedical Ni-Cr-Mo Alloy. Effect of Phosphating Additives on Corrosion Resistance of Phosphate Coatings on AZ91D Magnesium AlloyFabrication and Characterization of Cellulose Acetate Ultrafine Fiber Containing Silver Nanoparticles by Electrospinning; The Optical Properties of DLC Films Processed by Laser Radiation; Study on CO2 Emission in the Process of Dealing with Vanadium-Titanium Magnetite; Ni-Induced Lateral Fast Crystallization of Amorphous Silicon Film by Microwave Annealing; Preparation and Performance of Zr(Ca)-Al-O-N Composites by Reaction Sintering of Al-ZrO2(Ca) in N2 Atmosphere. Effects of Oxide Powders and Nanocrystalline Particles on the Sintering of Al2O3 Glass-CeramicsThe Relationship between Substrate Roughness and Wettability of Superhydrophobic Metal Carboxylate Surface; Review of Technology and Industry on Inorganic Non-Metallic Materials; Growth Characteristics, Microstructure and Corrosion Resistance of Micro-Arc Oxidation Coatings Fabricated on ZK60 Mg Alloy under Two Steps Voltage-Increasing Mode; Study on a Quinoline Inhibitor Used for Sulfur Corrosion on Carbon Steel: Properties Research and Field Test. Effects of Two-Step DC Electrochemical Pretreatment of Fine Grinding WC-Co Tool Surface on Morphology and Quality of Diamond CoatingsResearch on Photoelectric Properties of Nanowires Doped DSSC; Design and Performance of the Transverse Rotating Magnetic Field Steered Arc Source Used in Vacuum Arc Deposition; Influence of Technological Parameter on Boehmite Sol Sealing Anodized Al 2024 Alloy; Fatigue Prediction for Pump End of High Pressure Fracturing Pump; Influence of Heat-Treatment on High-Phosphorus Ni-P Plating Coating. Study on TC4 Titanium Alloy by Laser Oxygen-Diffused Hardening Process under Different Gas AtmosphereNovel Functional Coating: Luminescent Coating; Mechanical Damping Properties of Silicone Rubber Prepared by Nano-SiO2 and AGE-Modified Polysiloxane Blends; Research on Key Technology of Ultra-High 3D Strengthening Heat Transfer in Plow Machining; Study on Properties of Electroless Ni-P Plating on 6063A Aluminum Alloy; Corrosion Resistance of Ni-CeO2 Nanocomposite Coating Prepared by Electrodeposition with Rotating Cathode in an Ultrasonic Field. This work's contents were subjected to strict peer-review by experts, and describe the latest advances and applications in the fields of surface engineering/coatings, modeling, analysis and simulation of manufacturing processes, materials forming/machining/joining, mechanical behavior and fracture, tooling testing and evaluation of materials. Review from Book News Inc.: Nearly 150 papers cover surface engineering/coatings; modeling, analyzing, and simulating manufacturing processes; materials forming/machining/joining; mechanical behavior and fracture; and tooling testing and evaluating materi.