Table of Contents

Left Dislocation / Henk van Riemsdijk.
pt. I. Basic Texts. Left Dislocation in Dutch and Status of Copying Rules / Henk van Riemsdijk and Frans Zwarts. On Left Dislocation / Robert Rodman. On the Source of Lefthand NPs in French / Paul Hirschbuhler. Left Dislocation, Connectedness and Reconstruction / Jan Vat. 'Topic' Constructions in Some European Languages and 'Connectedness' / Guglielmo Cinque. Contrastive Dislocation in Dutch and Icelandic / Annie Zaenen.
pt. II. Current Developments. Clitic Left Dislocation and Contrastive Left Dislocation / Elena Anagnostpoulou. Dislocation, Resumption and Weakest Crossover / Hamida Demirdache. Clitic Left Dislocation and other Relatives / Linda Escobar. Left Dislocation and Split Topics in Brabant Dutch / Hanneke van Hoof. Parasitic Operators in German Left-Dislocation / Martina Wiltschko.