Table of Contents

Prologue: a picture of human suffering Mountain Meadows, May 1859.
Exiles from freedom New York to the Iowa Plains, 1830-1846.
Peals of thunder Utah, 1847-1857.
No more submit to oppression Silver Lake, July 24, 1857.
Avoid all excitement, but be ready Salt Lake city to Parowan, July 24-August 8, 1857.
Preaching a military discourse Southern Utah, August 9-21, 1857.
A splendid train Arkansas to Utah, emigration season, 1857.
Restless and excited begins Northern Utah, July-August 1857.
We have better claim Salt Lake to Filmore, August 1857.
Men have magnified a natural circumstance Corn Creek to Parowan, late August-early September 1857.
Make it an Indian massacre: Cedar city, July 24-September 5 1857.
A fearful responsibility Cedar City and Southwest, September 5-7, 1857.
Finish his dirty job Parowan to Mountain Meadows, September 7-10,1857.
Decoyed out and destroyed Mountain Meadows, September 10-11, 1875.
Too late to back water Mountain Meadows to Cedar City, September 11-13, 1857.
Epilogue: under sentence of death Beaver to Mountain Meadows, March 20-23 1877.
Appendixes: A. The emigrants.
B. The emigrants' property.
C. The militiamen.
D. The Indians. Massacre at Mountain Meadows offers the most thoroughly researched account of the massacre ever written. Drawn from documents previously not available to scholars and a careful re-reading of traditional sources, this gripping narrative offers fascinating new insight into why Mormons settlers in isolated southern Utah deceived an emigrant party with a promise of safety and then killed the adults and all but seventeen of the youngest children.