Table of Contents

Martin Luther's background, upbringing and education, 1483-1513.
From the Psalms to the 95 Theses: the development of Luther's Reformation Theology, 1513-1517.
From the 95 Theses to the Leipzig Disputation, 1517-1519.
From Leipzig to Worms, 1519-1521.
The Diet of Worms and after, 1521-1523.
The creation of institutional Lutheranism, 1525-1528.
Luther and Lutheranism: the quest for definition.
Luther's later years. "Martin Luther's radical actions in sixteenth-century Germany sparked off the dramatic process of the European Reformation. Following the publication of the 95 Theses in 1517, he began deeply to question the practices of the Catholic Church. He set in place a chain of events, which divided the Church and brought about the Protestant Reformation. Famously appearing before the secular authorities at the Diet of Worms in 1521 to defend his dissident beliefs, Luther worked throughout his life to further the Reformation movement." "But were Luther's motivations as clear-cut as they might seem? Was he merely self-obsessed and egotistical rather than a guiding prophet of God? This biography portrays Luther, his concerns and his achievements, and provides a comprehensive introduction for students, general readers and those seeking to understand the roots of the continuing discords in modern Christianity."--Jacket.