Table of Contents

Cover; Contents; Preface; Acknowledgments; 1 Introduction; Material and Methods; Literature Cited; 2 The Place of Hemiphractids in Anuran Phylogeny; Morphological Phylogenetic Analyses; Molecular Phylogenetic Analyses; Literature Cited; 3 Phylogeny and Classification; Phylogenetic Relationships; Classification; Vernacular Names; Literature Cited; 4 Osteology; Allies of Marsupial Frogs; Cranial Osteology of Gastrotheca; Characterization of Gastrotheca; Literature Cited; 5 External Morphological Features; Adult Frogs; Tadpoles; Literature Cited; 6 Chromosomes, Muscles, and Vocalization 10 Basal subgenera of GastrothecaSubgenus Eotheca; Key to Species; Gastrotheca (Eotheca) fissipes; Gastrotheca (Eotheca) flamma; Gastrotheca (Eotheca) megacephala; Gastrotheca (Eotheca) prasina; Gastrotheca (Eotheca) pulchra; Gastrotheca (Eotheca) recava; Subgenus Cryptotheca; Key to Species; Gastrotheca (Cryptotheca) walkeri; Gastrotheca (Cryptotheca) williamsoni; Subgenus Amphignathodon; Key to Species; Gastrotheca (Amphignathodon) andaquiensis; Gastrotheca (Amphignathodon) angustifrons; Gastrotheca (Amphignathodon) antomia; Gastrotheca (Amphignathodon) bufona 11 Andean Species of Subgenus DuellmaniaSubgenus Duellmania; Key to Species; Gastrotheca (Duellmania) argenteovirens; Gastrotheca (Duellmania) aureomaculata; Gastrotheca (Duellmania) dunni; Gastrotheca (Duellmania) dysprosita; Gastrotheca (Duellmania) espeletia; Gastrotheca (Duellmania) litonedis; Gastrotheca (Duellmania) lojana; Gastrotheca (Duellmania) monticola; Gastrotheca (Duellmania) nicefori; Gastrotheca (Duellmania) orophylax; Gastrotheca (Duellmania) plumbea; Gastrotheca (Duellmania) riobambae; Gastrotheca (Duellmania) ruizi; Gastrotheca (Duellmania) trachyceps; Literature Cited ChromosomesThroat Musculature; Vocalization; Literature Cited; 7 Reproductive Biology; Mating and Oviposition; The Brood Pouch; Embryonic Development; Embryonic Respiration; Hatching; Larvae; Evolution of Reproduction and Development; Literature Cited; 8 Biogeography; History of South America; Evolutionary History of Hemiphractidae; Present Distributions; Habitats of Hemiphractid Frogs; Literature Cited; 9 Genera of Hemiphractidae; Family Hemiphractidae; Key to Genera; Cryptobatrachus; Flectonotus; Hemiphractus; Fritziana; Stefania; Gastrotheca; Literature Cited Gastrotheca (Amphignathodon) cornutaGastrotheca (Amphignathodon) dendronastes; Gastrotheca (Amphignathodon) guentheri; Gastrotheca (Amphignathodon) helenae; Gastrotheca (Amphignathodon) longipes; Gastrotheca (Amphignathodon) weinlandii; Subgenus Australotheca; Key to Species; Gastrotheca (Australotheca) albolineata; Gastrotheca (Australotheca) ernestoi; Gastrotheca (Australotheca) fulvorufa; Gastrotheca (Australotheca) microdiscus; Subgenus Opisthodelphys; Gastrotheca (Opisthodelphys) ovifera; Subgenus Edaphotheca; Gastrotheca (Edaphotheca) galeata; Literature Cited