Table of Contents

H.R. Harvey: Sources and Cycling of Organic Matter in the Marine Water Column.
J.K. Volkman: Lipid Markers for Marine Organic Matter.
S.W. Wright, S.W. Jeffrey: Pigment Markers for Phytoplankton Production.
R. Danovaro, C. Corinaldesi, G. Luna, A Dell’Anno: Molecular Tools for the Analysis of DNA in Marine Environments.
J.S. Sinninghe Damsté, S. Schouten: Biological Markers for Anoxia in the Photic Zone of the Water Column.
B.R.T. Simoneit: Atmospheric Transport of Terrestrial Organic Matter to the Sea.
R.D. Pancost, M. Pagani: Controls on the Carbon Isotopic Composition of Lipids in Marine Environments.
M.A. Altabet: Isotopic Tracers of the Marine Nitrogen Cycle: Present and Past.
S.G. Wakeham, E.A. Canuel: Degradation and Preservation of Organic Matter in Marine Sediments.
J.M. Bayona, J. Albaiges: Sources and Fate of Organic Contaminants in the Marine Environment. The oceans contain a great biodiversity of marine organisms. They include a rich variety of unusual genes and biochemistries and hence a diverse array of organic compounds ranging from colourful carotenoids and chlorophylls to lipids with structures ranging from the simple to the complex. This volume brings together ten chapters on the occurrence and identification of the lipid biomarkers and of pigments in marine waters. It describes how they can be used in conjunction with stable isotopes and molecular biology to ascertain the sources and fate of organic matter (both natural and pollutant) in the sea and underlying sediments. The authors are each experts in their field and the chapters provide both an overview of the state-of-the-art and knowledge gaps together with abundant detail to satisfy the needs of specialists and non-specialists alike.