Table of Contents

Role of the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the regulation of clinical microbiology devices / Kathleen B. Whitaker, Sally A. Hojvat, and Estelle Russek-Cohen.
Commercial blood culture systems and methods / Micheal L. Wilson, Melvin P. Weinstein, and L. Barth Reller.
Rapid devices and instruments for the identification of aerobic bacteria / Laura J. Chandler, P. Rocco LaSala, and Susan Whittier.
Rapid devices and instruments for the identification of anaerobic bacteria / Christopher L. Emery, Maria D. Appleman, Jean A. Siders, Thomas E. Davis (and Stephen D. Allen, deceased).
Rapid antigen devices and instruments for the detection and identification of viruses / Wallace H. Greene, Marilyn A. Menegus, and Allan L. Truant.
Molecular tests for the identification of viruses / Scott Duong and Christine C. Ginocchio.
Viral hepatitis / Emily Cartwright and Yun F. (Wayne) Wang-- Human papillomaviruses / N. Esther Babdy.
Human immunodeficiency virus / Richard L. Hodinka.
Chlamydia / Claudiu I. Bandea, Robert C. Jerris, and Carolyn M. Black.
Mycoplasma / Ken B. Waites and Cecile Bbar.
Commercial methods for identification and susceptibility testing of fungi / Stephen A. Moser and Jason Wicker.
Mycobacteria / Xiang Yang Han.
Diagnostic medical parasitology / Lynne S. Garcia and Gary W. Procop.
Molecular microbiology / Raghava Potula and Yi-Wei Tang.
Automated immunoassay analyzers / Richard L. Hodinka and Matthew J. Binnicker.
Molecular typing instruments and methods / Ruth Ann Luna.
Commercial methods in clinical veterinary microbiology / Thomas J. Inzana, Xiang-Jin Meng, Tanja Opriessing, and Lora Ballweber.
Microbiology laborry information systems / Raymond D. Aller and Vincent Salazar.
Emerging infectious diseases / Brett Laurence, Julie Collins, Carolyn Fernandes, Rafik Samuel, and Byungse Suh.
Automated and manual systems for antimicrobial susceptibility testing of bacteria / Alan T. Evangelista and James A. Karlowsky.
Bioterrorism / James W. Snyder and Michael A. Pentella.
Clinical microbiology : looking ahead / Natalie N. Whitfield, Raquel M. Martinez, and Donna M. Wolk. "A general resource for all those working within the subdisciplines of clinical microbiology to use when evaluating commercial methods, tests, or products. Reviews the commercial tests (both manual and automated) in clinical microbiology. A description of their sensitivities/specificities, and predictive values from peer-reviewed sources are included. Attempts to predict what new tests or methods are on the horizon. This reference includes separate chapters devoted to molecular microbiology, information management, emerging infectious diseases, and veterinary clinical microbiology"--Provided by publisher.