Table of Contents

Preliminaries; Contents; Preface; 1 Introduction; 2 Maintaining safety in the cold chain; 3 Fruit and vegetables the quality of raw material in relation to freezing; 4 The pre treatment of fruits and vegetables; 5 The pre treatment of meat and poultry; 6 The selection and pre treatment of fish; 7 Factors affecting the stability of frozen foods; 8 Freezing processed foods; 9 Freezer technology; 10 Selecting packaging for frozen food products; 11 Storing frozen food cold store equipment and maintenance; 12 Retail display equipment; 13 Future trends in frozen foods; Index;. An overview of frozen food technology and processes of the supply chain from the farm to the freezer of the consumer. Specialists in each field cover the particular concerns involved in freezing fruit, vegetables, meat, and fish.