Table of Contents

Introduction / Ruthellen Josselson.
In acknowledgment: a review and critique of qualitative research texts / June Price.
Autobiography and the value structures of ordinary experience: Marianne Gullestad's Everyday life philosophers / Paul John Eakin.
"Black holes" as sites for self-constructions / Harriet Bjerrum Nielsen.
An interpretive poetics of languages of the unsayable / Annie G. Rogers [and others].
Gender, generation, anxiety, and the reproduction of culture / Wendy Holloway and Tony Jefferson.
The recruitment of women into the academic elite in Israel: Anna's narrative / Beverly Mizrachi.
Powerful stories: the role of stories in sustaining and transforming professional practice within a mental hospital / Tineke A. Abma.
Writing as performance: young girl's diaries / Barbara Crowther.
Ding Ling and Miss Sophie's diary: a psychobiographical study of adolescent identity formation / Dora Shu-fang Dien.
Love stories in sexual autobiographies / Elina Haavio-Mannila and J.P. Roos. The sixth volume in this series provides: guides for doing qualitative research; analysis of several autobiographies; hints on how to interpret what it not said in narrative interviews; discussion on how cultural meanings and values are transmitted across generations; and illustrations of the transformational power of stories.