Table of Contents

Gender equality in the media is there a Nordic way? / Maria Edström, Ulrika Facht & Ragnhild Mølster --FILM.
The Nordic celluloid ceiling / Anne Gjelsvik --Counting heads and keeping an eye on the content / Terese Martinsson --Gender equality in Swedish film Johan Fröberg --Making change or at least letting things happen / Marjo Valve --Let us move the world forward together! / Agnete G. Haaland --Doris Film - the struggle for an equal film industry / Lisa Lindén --A-rating: A campaign for women's representation in film / Ellen Tejle --JOURNALISM --Nordic journalism with gender parity and problems / Maria Edström --It all takes effort - notes from K2 and beyond / Suzanne Moll --Gender equality in the newsroom / Gunnar Falck --Gendering television - time and counting matters Lotta Strömland --News from a feminist perspective / Anna-Klara Bratt --Being female in a man's mediaworld - an 'I' story / Kristin Helle-Valle --Twenty years of training in women's leadership / Cecilia Zadig --COMPUTERGAMES --'Start telling the story of female gamers and developers' / Johanna Koljonen --Donna - inclusive game development by example / Isabella Billgren, Mathilda Bjarnehed & Jenny Brusk --Empowering girls through technology / Andrea Hasselager & Nevin Erönde --Gender and computer games in the construction of identity / Silje Hommedal --ADVERTISING --Nordic regulation of gender discriminatory advertisements / Eva-Maria Svensson --Towards an industry in balance 2020 / Christina Gillberg --Taking action against retouched advertisements / Runa Fjellanger --The great Scandinavian gender war / Anne Glad --INITIATIVES --Women experts exist! Danish KVINFO leads the way / Anita Frank Goth --Visual communication in higher education / Joanna Rubin Dranger & Johanna Lewengard --A Nordic project about counteracting antifeminism / Ole Bredesen Nordfjell --Twenty-two years of media activism / Maria Jacobson --Media and business women in Iceland Þórdís Lóa Þórhallsdóttir --Equalisters - crowdsourcing for diversity / Aurora Percovich Gutierrez --Queering Sápmi - indigenous stories beyond the norm / Elfrida Bergman & Sara Lindquist --NORDIC GENDER AND MEDIA FORUM --SEMINARS --Film seminar: The Nordic film industry remains male dominated --Journalism seminar: The gap - on gender equality in journalism --Gaming seminar: Where are the females in the gaming industry? --Advertising seminar: Stereotypical images in the urban space --The Bergen Conference: Time to step up --STATISTICS ON GENDER AND MEDIA compiled by NORDICOM --Information about the data / Ulrika Facht --Tables and figures --RESOURCES --Nordic doctoral dissertations on gender & media --International commitments and resources.