Table of Contents

Introduction / John Clegg.
Supporting small ESL groups in a mainstream primary school / Cressida Jupp.
A whole-language approach to mainstreaming / L. Westbrook and Sharon Bergquist-Moody.
A mainstream primary classroom with a majority of ESL students : planning for English language learning / Elina Raso.
A whole-school approach to mainstreaming : the Rose Avenue ESL/D project / Julie Reid and Nancy Kitegawa.
A sheltered history course for ESL students / Ross McKean.
Environmental studies for ESL students : school skills, literacy and language / Anne Filson.
Content-based language teaching : geography for ESL students / Ruth Evans.
Integrating a small group of ESL students into mainstream science : partnership teaching / Manny Vazquez.
Mainstream science with a majority of ESL learners : integrating language and content / Hugh Hooper.
Endpiece / John Clegg.