Table of Contents

Waiting for the science.
Mad cows or crazy communications?.
A diagnostic for risk communication failures.
Dioxins, or chemical stigmata.
Hamburger hell.
Silicone breasts.
Waiting for the regulators.
Lost in regulatory space: rBST.
Gene escape.
Mother's milk.
Ten lessons. "Communicating the nature and consequences of environmental and health risks is one of the most problematic areas of public policy in western democracies. Given the perceived risks associated with the food we eat, chemicals in the environment, and modern technologies, consumers need clear and timely explanations of the nature of those risks - but rarely get them. Using a series of case studies, Douglas Powell and William Leiss outline the crucial role of risk management in dealing with public controversies and analyse risk communication practice and malpractice to provide a set of lessons for risk managers and communicators."--Jacket.