Table of Contents

Alternative Assessment and Measurement Tools.
Physiological Principles of Physiotherapy.
Complete Decongestive Therapy.
Manual Lymph Drainage (Földi Method).
Manual Lymph Drainage (Leduc Method).
Compression Therapy.
Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Therapy.
Other Contemporary Treatment Modalities.
Medical Treatment.
Lower Limb Lymphedema.
Upper Limb Lymphedema.
Head and Neck Lymphedema.
Genital Lymphedema.
Psychological Aspect: Compliance and Quality of Life.
General Overview - Historical Background.
General Principles and Indications.
Lymphatic-Venous Derivative and Reconstructive Microsurgery.
Lymphatic-Lymphatic Reconstructive Microsurgery.
Lymph Node-Venous Microvascular Reconstructive Surgery: Filariasis Lymphedema.
Lymph Nodes Transfer Microvascular Reconstructive Surgery.
Current Dilemmas and Controversy.
Prospects for Lymphatic Reconstructive Surgery.
Historical Background - General Overview.
General Principles.
Contemporary Indications and Controversies.
Surgical Treatment of Postmastectomy Lymphedema - Liposuction.
Epilogue. Primary Lymphedema as a Truncular Lymphatic Malformation.
Primary Lymphedema and Klippel-Trénaunay Syndrome.
Special Issues in Pediatric Primary Lymphedema.
Medical Management.
Surgical Management.
Etiology and Pathophysiology.
Clinical Overview-Diagnosis and Management.
Genetic Prospects for Lymphedema Management.
Breast Cancer.
Lower Extremity Cancers.
Radiation Complications.
Pathophysiology of Phlebolymphedema and a Physiologic Approach to Chronic Veno-lymphatic Insufficiency'.
Diagnosis and Management of Primary Phlebolymphedema.
Diagnosis and Management of Secondary Phlebolymphedema.
Management of Phlebolymphedema Ulcers.
Lymphedema Management by the Therapists.
Education of the Patient.
Patient/Family Advocacy.
Reimbursement of CDT-based Care.
General Considerations.
Etiology and Classification of Lymphatic Disorders.
Hereditary and Familial Lymphedema.
Embryology of the Lymphatic System and Lymphangiogenesis.
Anatomy of the Lymphatic System and Its Disorders.
Physiology, Pathophysiology, and Lymphodynamics: General Overview.
Physiology, Biology, and Lymph Biochemistry.
Physiology - Lymph Flow.
Pathology and Histochemistry.
Clinical Diagnosis: General Overview.
Clinical Staging.
Combined Clinical and Laboratory (Lymphoscintigraphic) Staging.
Early Diagnosis in Latent Phase.
Review of National and International Consensuses on Chronic Lymphedema.
Differential Diagnosis - General Considerations.
Differential Diagnosis - Lipedema.
Laboratory/Imaging Diagnosis: General Guidelines.
Radionuclide Lymphoscintigraphy.
Duplex Ultrasonography.
Combined Role of Lymphoscintigraphy, X-Ray Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and Positron Emission Tomography in the Management of Lymphedematous Disease.
Oil Contrast Lymphangiography.
Fluorescent Microlymphangiography --