Table of Contents

Primary graft dysfunction in lung transplantation / S.F. Marasco ... [et al.].
Intensive care management of the lung transplant recipient / Paolo Feltracco ... [et al.].
Impact of viral pathogens in lung transplant recipients / Cristina Costa ... [et al.].
Identification of allo- and auto-antibodies after lung transplantation / A.W.M. Paantjens ... [et al.].
Surgical aspects of lung transplantation / Silvana Marasco ... [et al.].
Neurologic complications of lung transplantation / Sasha Zivkovic.
Leucocyte intracellular cytokines in lung transplantation patients : a more physiological indicator of immunosuppression than plasma drug levels / Gred Hodge ... [et al.].
Measurement of intracellular cytokines to improve therapeutic monitoring of immunosuppressive drugs following lung transplantation / Greg Hodge ... [et al.].