Table of Contents

Front Matter.
Colour Plates.
Introduction: the Deep Evolutionary History of Modern Birds. Introduction: Changing the Questions in Avian Paleontology / Gary Kaiser, Gareth Dyke.
Theropod Diversity and the Refinement of Avian Characteristics / Peter J Makovicky, Lindsay E Zanno.
Why Were There Dinosaurs? Why Are There Birds? / Peter Ward, Robert Berner.
Pre-modern Birds: Avian Divergences in the Mesozoic / Jingmai O'Connor, Luis M Chiappe, Alyssa Bell.
₃The Contribution of Paleontology to Ornithology₄: the Diversity of Modern Birds: Fossils and the Avian Tree of Life. Progress and Obstacles in the Phylogenetics of Modern Birds / Bradley C Livezey.
The Utility of Fossil Taxa and the Evolution of Modern Birds: Commentary and Analysis / Gareth Dyke, Eoin Gardiner.
Penguins Past, Present, and Future: Trends in the Evolution of the Sphenisciformes / Daniel T Ksepka, Tatsuro Ando.
Phorusrhacids: the Terror Birds / Herculano Alvarenga, Luis Chiappe, Sara Bertelli.
The Pseudo-toothed Birds (Aves, Odontopterygiformes) and their Bearing on the Early Evolution of Modern Birds / Estelle Bourdon.
Phylogeny and Diversification of Modern Passerines / F Keith Barker.
The Evolution of Key Avian Attributes. Morphological and Behavioral Correlates of Flapping Flight / Bret W Tobalske, Douglas R Warrick, Brandon E Jackson, Kenneth P Dial.
Evolution of the Avian Brain and Senses / Stig Walsh, Angela Milner.
Evolving Perceptions on the Antiquity of the Modern Avian Tree / Joseph W Brown, M Van Tuinen.
Major Events in Avian Genome Evolution / Chris L Organ, Scott V Edwards.
Bird Evolution Across the K₆Pg Boundary and the Basal Neornithine Diversification / Bent E K Lindow.
Functional and Phylogenetic Diversity in Marine and Aquatic Birds / Gary Kaiser.
The Future: Conservation and Climate Change. The State of the World's Birds and the Future of Avian Diversity / Gavin H Thomas.
Index. Introduction : changing the questions in avian paleontology / Gary Kaiser and Gareth Dyke.
Theropod diversity and the refinement of avian characteristics / Peter J. Makovicky and Lindsay E. Zanno.
Why were there dinosaurs? Why are there birds? / Peter Ward and Robert Berner.
Pre-modern birds : avian divergences in the Mesozoic / Jingmai O'Connor, Luis M. Chiappe, and Alyssa Bell.
Progress and obstacles in the phylogenetics of modern birds / Bradley C. Livezey.
The utility of fossil taxa and the evolution of modern birds : commentary and analysis / Gareth Dyke and Eoin Gardiner.
Penguins past, present, and future : trends in the evolution of the Sphenisciformes / Daniel T. Ksepka and Tatsuro Ando.
Phorusrhacids : the terror birds / Herculano Alvarenga, Luis Chiappe, and Sara Bertelli.
The pseudo-toothed birds (Aves, Odontopterygiformes) and their bearing on the early evolution of modern birds / Estelle Bourdon.
Phylogeny and diversification of modern passerines / F. Keith Barker.
Morphological and behavioral correlates of flapping flight / Bret W. Tobalske ... [et al.].
Evolution of the avian brain and senses / Stig Walsh and Angela Milner.
Evolving perceptions on the antiquity of the modern avian tree / Joseph W. Brown and M. Van Tuinen.
Major events in avian genome evolution / Chris L. Organ and Scott V. Edwards.
Bird evolution across the K-Pg boundary and the basal neornithine diversification / Bent E.K. Lindow.
Functional and phylogenetic diversity in marine and aquatic birds / Gary Kaiser.
The state of the world's birds and the future of avian diversity / Gavin H. Thomas.