Table of Contents

Preface: Submarine warfare / its genesis in Connecticut.
Introduction: The war to end all wars.
Part 1. 1914-1916.
Predator and prey.
The Firth of Forth.
Sighs of a lovesick mermaid.
Hunting submarines from shore.
A game of hide and seek.
America awakens.
Preparing for the inevitable.
Part 2. 1917.
America enters the war.
Crossing the Atlantic.
The first tentative steps.
Physics pure and simple.
A sound detector of exceeding delicacy.
From the laboratory to sea.
Matters of life and death.
A "probable" first kill.
Part 3. 1918.
Coldest winter on record.
The Naval Reserve Flying Corps.
Listeners in the sky.
The crazy American; U-boats beware.
Invisible light and other magic.
U-boats westward to America.
America eastward to the war.
Listeners at the front and armistice.
Epilogue: the war that did not end all wars. "Tells the story of the emergence of the submarine in 1914, its impact on warfare, and the efforts to combat it."--Provided by publisher.