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LINGUISTIC RECONSTRUCTION; Editorial page; Title page; Copyright page; ACKNOWLEDGMENTS; TABLE OF CONTENTS; PREFACE; PART ONE: METHODOLOGICAL QUESTIONS; GRAMMATICALTYPOLOGY AND PROTOLANGUAGES; BIBLIOGRAPHY; ON RECONSTRUCTING A PROTO-SYNTAX; FOOTNOTES; REFERENCES; ICONIC AND SYMBOLIC ASPECTS OF SYNTAX: PROSPECTS FOR RECONSTRUCTION; FOOTNOTES; REFERENCES; NOTES ON RECONSTRUCTION, WORD-ORDER, AND STRESS; NOTES; REFERENCES; PART TWO: PROBLEMS IN INDO-EUROPEAN SYNTAX; ZUR TYPOLOGIE DES VORINDOGERMANISCHEN; ANMERKUMGEN; LITERATURVERZEICHNIS The aim of the colloquium, from which this volume derives, was to bring together approaches from general linguistics and language reconstruction, to show how these can benefit from eachother. Although the focus was on Indo-European languages, other language families were present in the discussion, as typological insights may provide useful parallels to IE phenomena and problems. At the core of the discussion was the methodological problem of induction vs deduction.