Table of Contents

Part I: Oceans past.
Marine animal populations: a new look back in time.
Part II: Oceans present - geographic realms.
Surveying nearshore biodiversity.
Biodiversity knowledge and its application in the Gulf of Maine area.
Coral reef biodiversity.
New perceptions of continental margin biodiversity.
Biodiversite patterns and processes on the Mid-Atlantic range.
Life on seamounts.
Diversity of abyssal marine life.
Biogeography, ecology, and vulnerability of chemosynthetic ecosystems in the deep sea.
Marine life in the Arctic.
Marine life in the Antarctic.
Part III: Oceans present - global distributions.
A global census of marine microbes.
A census of zooplankton of the global ocean.
Part IV: Oceans present - animal movements.
Tracking fish movements and survival on the Northwest Pacific shelf.
A view of the ocean from Pacific predators.
Part V: Oceans future.
The future of marina animal populations.
Part VI: Using the data.
Data integration: the ocean biogeographic information system.